Finish – Honor , Commemorate , Dedicate

Finish Company established in 1982, expert design and woodwork. Finish Company specializes in designing and manufacturing wood furniture design and equipment to synagogues

The synagogue known as its halls of King of Kings invites to pray and many donors who feel a sense of serenity with a magnificent entry hall designed by the Holy Spirit and tradition.   Finish Company had done special projects in Israel and abroad such: “Hurva” synagogue renovated and restored according to the original model; the Hall of the synagogue was the largest Hall in Israel.

  The company designs and rats many synagogues in Israel and around the world and is considered a leader in its use of artistic techniques work on manual formatting.

  The work process performed after recognition of customers and divided into several phases: the first phase is measured synagogue space and manually chart that built during the road becomes a two-dimensional sketch using special computer software. In the second phase imaging passes into the hands of the professionals who perform the cutting, carving and hand held brass foil works unique technology and knowledge stored finish. In the third stage, the product sent for painting advanced work method and using quality raw materials that provide long-term product durability. The last step carried out in the synagogue train products to customer satisfaction.

Selected Projects