Finish Company specialized in manufacturing furniture and complementary products to the synagogues of quality wood products and unique work methods. The company was founded in 1982.

At the finish of a professional team of artisans in various fields of expertise, including architects, designers, and artists carved wooden, copper crafts experts and leading customer service in the market.

The company’s quality products produce artistic design process carried out by hand, using unique techniques and modern methods. Our products adorn many synagogues in Israel and abroad.

In The Company’s website, you can see a variety of works carried out by us in various synagogues.

Finish Company choose among the leading companies in the furniture synagogues make artistic reconstruction of the” Hurva Synagogue “in the Old City of Jerusalem. This recovery included Ark, a platform and a prayer page cantor accurately restored original design.

Many worshipers of the synagogue indicate that they feel elated face of pomp and circumstance of the synagogue thanks to the successful integration of the sanctity of the place and quality products from the finish.

Ours belief is that the combination of reliable service, great  material and understanding customer needs makes the key to accomplishing the will of the community and its needs.