It began  Shavuot holiday- from Custom decorate the synagogues live greenery and flowers, memory Matan Torah on Mount Sinai, and as the number of study that when the Divine Presence descended on Mount Sinai fire. Combustion is not everything, but on the contrary, revived the whole mountain was covered by trees, grass and flowers. “Pinchas  Lachiani that opens the story.

“When I was a boy I would decorate the Ark on the day of Pentecost, I was getting pretty flowers and trees, then I went to synagogues across the city where I grew up.”

Pinchas is renovating  quite a few years in Israel’s leading churches, among others is renovated in the plot, the GRA Eliyahu l Amar, Rabbi David abuhatsira, nadvorna Hasidism, and vision, and more.

Two years before the death of Hgr”a Joseph, “says Philippe ‘behadrey haredim’ that  he got a call from Nahariya [the Gabai of the Hgr”a l]ask him to  ” come soon the ‘contractor 45’, it’s hard to  the rabbi with the conventional standards,he  need to replace it. ” I came , I prayed with Hgr”a and saw Stander uncomfortable. within two days I made a special stander for the Rabbi Pillow that make him comfortable to pray “.

  • What Hgr”a say to you?

“When I brought to him the conventional standards he told me how Fortunate are you, Rabbi Pinchas, and gave me his  blessings. Rabbi was  very impressed with the Stander”.

  • How important is to the leading rabbis of Israel the renovation in the synagogues?

“When I went to Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu and renovated all the  space in his synagogue, said the Rabbi  ‘where there queens – No poor, the synagogue must be in uniqe splendor just like the temple, itas to be beautiful both inside and outside “.

“I was invited to furnish the synagogue score of Baba Sali in Netivot, and according to the place I designed the Maghreb-style furniture as it was in Morocco, and the most impressive result came out. I got a result blessing by Rabbi Baruch was happy to see the unique style furniture”.

Renovation of ‘The Hurva’

  • What is the longest you spend to design a synagogue and which synagogue was it?

The synagogue has long invested in planning and creating this synagogue of Rabbi Judah  aahasid the piousthat  know as  ‘the hurva’ in the old city of Jerusalem. It took about 10 months to finish the installation, although delayed by a court because of a complaint of competitors that interrupt them haven’t won the tender, and of course, I’m doing my best furniture project perfect and got many compliments from visitors who have visited the wreck and felt elation special.



How difficult was the task?

“It’s one of my cautious projects, day and night we worked on decorating the synagogue, the lamps – this was one of my complex tasks in life.”

  • How do people react when they hear what do you do?

“When people hear about my business building Holy Arks and furniture to the synagogue, they really impressed that there is a contemporary art as  at Bezalel Academy, and wish me live to build and furnish the temple. So I got blessings also Rabbi Ovadia zt and other rabbis and this is a great honor for me.”

  • Are there any special materials you prefer to deal with them?

“We know how to use all existing materials, depending on the taste and style of the customer, in order to beautify the house of the Lord”.

  • Do you remember a special requirement or perhaps strange that you received that invite?

“I remember they gave me a plan to build Holy Ark  designed by an architect who is not religious and does not recognize concepts in Jewish bibble for the construction of the Holy Ark, and he designed the shelf stacked on it scrolls height 20 cm from the floor, and when I brought to the attention of what is acceptable in Jerusalem – he was surprised, and of course the Rabbi did not know to  read the plans and asked to borrow the architect Why the program, and the last explained that since they were asked to design two floors of books, is thought to make the first line so low. So I explained to him that the books have to be as high as 10 hands high to be on their own, otherwise not allowed to sit at the books. ”

  • What is the highest cost that you recall someone spent decorating the synagogue?

“There are synagogues invested millions of shekels in the synagogue and special furniture that suits him, as something that the community in Poland or in another country.”

The difference between Ashkenazim and Sephardim

  • There are places out to Israel that you visit, remember that you are a special experience?

“Just last week I was invited to Ukraine to furnish a synagogue specially built before exactly 500 years ago, I met with the donor and Rabbi County Chabad emissary Rabbi Finegold Alexander, and I was asked to design furniture that suits the place. I was very excited that the building is very similar to the Hurva Synagogue in Jerusalem, and there I’m sure it’s the same architect – that there is a perfect match of structural shape of the windows. the grace of God 4 I started designing obvious, and hopefully we will later show it to everyone. ”

  • What a place you have visited the most you would like to reproduce Israel?

“I really want to reproduce the ancient synagogue in Ukraine to Israel, and give it a unique character as the Hurva Synagogue. The client saw the images of the Hurva and happy about compatibility, and I hopefully tamarisk the design he liked. We’ve made in the past, designing furniture Hasidism Nadvorna in Haifa, where we used motifs as they had in the original synagogue abroad and most perfect result “.


  • Is before Pentecost you notice more in demand fostering synagogues?

“Of course, we are before Pentecost working in two shifts to complete our commitments to the synagogues have chosen to enter in ‘the holiday giving of the Torah’ to a new place, or those who have chosen to renovate the synagogue before the holiday. Also before Passover and before the New Year we are rigorous effort to provide the furniture , and lucky are we won it. ”

  • custom, decorate synagogues, Shavuot started in from Ashkenaz, how do you think the custom has taken root in the general public?

“I think many communities from all ethnic groups tend to decorate with greenery the synagogue in honor of the big day – Shavuot, and can be seen mainly in Ashkenazi communities. More than once approached me borrow crowns or Tablets or anything artistic else to decorate the synagogue for the holiday “.

  • Did you notice the difference between the requirements Sephardic communities in Ashkenazi communities?

“It is known that different styles in the design, and it varies depending on the communities. Hasidim and the Spanish like to combine wood carving, and the synagogues of Ashkenazi Modern wish to design straight lines without carving. We also use quilted brass or silver according to the taste and budget of the client”.

  • What is the most special chair you designed?

“I designed a special chair full of antique-style carved wood, bought by  a follower exhibition and told me it was  for his Rabbi in America. Unfortunately I do not know which  Rabbi enjoyed that chair that we have labored for  long time. I won that the  chair sitting on by Rishon Lezion Hgrs”m Amar synagogue I created, and many more I can not remember right now. ”

This article was published in the Pentecost Sheet  in the ‘Hadrei haredim’ website.